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John Cardy

I am interested in CFTs (mostly in 2d but also higher dimensions) and using these to understand the physics of entanglement and quantum quenches (time evolution from a pure state with non-zero energy density above the vacuum.)

Marty Einhorn

I have an abiding interest in particle physics and cosmology.
Before retiring, I was Deputy Director at KITP.

Greg Huber

I am a biophysicist and a Deputy director.

Ken Intriligator

I am interested in RG flows, CFTs, and supersymmetry, in various spacetime dimensions. I am a co-organizer, and will be here for essentially the entire program, aside from regular trips back home to San Diego.

Peter Orland

I am at Baruch College and the Graduate Center, both part of CUNY (in New York City). I am interested in the following: 1. Correlation functions of $d=1+1$ theories, specifically the SU(N)XSU(N) sigma model as $N\rightarrow \infty$ (this is much harder than the O(N) model), and their applications. 2. Cold-atomic-lattice simulations of gauge-invariant field theories. 3. Some heretofore unexplored aspects of reflection positivity in lattice Yang-Mills theories (infrared bounds on Polyakov loops in particular) and in higher lattice gauge theories (fields on plaquettes, actions on cubes).

Joe Polchinski

While largely distracted by the firewall, my current QFT interests are magnetic solitons in the low energy effective theory on intersecting branes, and deriving the AdS/higher spin duality from the Wilson RG.